Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The One With Seaside Study and Smoothies

As a blog-obsessed, instagram-loving, Buffy-watcher, I never thought I could get sick of computers, and yet here I am, tired out by my laptop screen. Now that I am studying Fashion and Textiles Merchandising, a degree that actually requires us to play around on InDesign and scroll through Bloglovin (cool, I know!), I find myself actively wanting to switch off, something that's never really happened in the past. I'm a big nature lover, so having to sit at my computer studying all day is a bit of a struggle, especially now that my daily screen time is creeping up to the 10 hour mark... scary stuff.
Today I made a conscious effort to head outdoors, embracing a relatively sunny 20 degrees the Elwood way. Yep, I headed over to Nandi's side of town, where the sea is met by sand, sailboats, and soy lattes, all of which we enjoyed during an attempted study session. We packed a picnic blanket,  a thermos of tea, and a slice of lemon semolina cake, settling down on the tidy strip of beachfront grass that runs along the bay. While we brought along our books and doodled on the pages, we ended up having girly, cousinly chats and watching the constant stream of people riding, running, and rolling past. There were old couples hobbling after their scootering grandchildren, middle-aged male cyclists with lycra stretched over their wide calves, and groups of brisk, young mothers pushing babies and walking dogs... perfect people watching material, really!
Having sunned and gossiped, we made our way over to Nandi's new workplace and Ormond Rd hotspot, Combi Coffee for some lunch. The cafĂ© was decked out in classic beach shack paraphernalia, so I immediately felt like I was in Byron Bay (home!) again. The menu was brilliant too, offering a refined yet exciting selection of healthy goodies, from juices to breakfast bowls to zucchini pasta. I went with a Greenie Plus smoothie  (kale, spinach, cucumber, banana, probiotic powder, brazil nuts, dates, spirulina, raw fermented protein powder, coconut water), and then we split a vegan toasted sandwich (avocado and veggies on sourdough!) and raw caramel slice. Everything was delicious, though we probably overdid it on the ordering- I was ready to explode by the last sip of smoothie.
Relaxed, refreshed, and full of food, I got back on the bus (then train, then tram) for the long journey home. Despite the hour and a bit trip, I really do enjoy Elwood and all it has to offer. It's provides such a nice break from the hipster heavy Northern suburbs that I call home. I'll definitely have to forgo computer time (and study!) for Melbourne exploration more often.
What did you get up to today?