Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The One Where I Went To H&M And It Was Great

Source: Herald Sun, Broadsheet
This morning I woke up with a mission: explore Australia's first H&M store. While this challenge stemmed mostly from a desire to procrastinate via shopping (so many assignments due!), it was also sparked by my growing curiosity about Sweden's third largest export (after ABBA and Ikea) and its new Bourke St residence.
I had been putting off visiting the retail giant in fear that, having only opened on Saturday, it would be overwhelmingly busy. I was right to worry; upon arriving I joined a massive queue of clothes hungry fashion followers, who trickled through the GPO doors under the watchful eye of beefy, suited guards. Warming myself with soy latte and anticipation, I gradually made my way to what can only be described as fashion heaven. 
The ornate, structured ceilings of the beautiful GPO building lent themselves perfectly to H&M's expansive inventory, with three levels accommodating apparel for women, men, and children, as well as homewares. The store seemed to go on and on and up and up, with shiny new mannequins and clothes racks comfortably sitting in every nook. Navigating my way through the dense crowd, I was pleasantly surprised by the prices ($27.95 seemed to be a popular figure) and tidiness, the latter of which was a result of the many shop assistants running about.
Grabbing anything that looked remotely wearable, I made my way to the nearest fitting room where I discovered a 30 minute line up. The time passed quickly what with all the people watching, and I was soon in a spacious, heavily curtained cubicle, trying on slinky cami dresses, patterned blouses, and a very tiny pair of lace up shorts. Everything was of a higher quality than expected, especially when taking the prices into consideration, though I struggled with the sizing; I am normally a 12-14, and yet I found myself swimming in both these sizes, leaving with a single white tee- essential, but not very exhilarating.
Having braved the fitting rooms, I made my way to the third queue of the morning, where I purchased my sad white t-shirt and, more significantly, fell in love. His name was Simon, he was the checkout guy, and, for a moment, I was the object of his attentions. Our conversation may have only continued for the length of a transaction, but our love will last forever. Visiting his scruffy hair and open smile is going to be very bad for my budget...
All in all, it was a splendid morning that could only be dampened by an excruciating amount of homework... oh.
I highly recommend that anybody visiting Melbourne makes a pit stop at H&M. It's totally worth the multiple queues, plus the staff are really good looking. Yep.
In other news, I'm obsessed with this video and the fact that my future hubby, Chris Martin, is a total 37 year old babe. Simon the Checkout Guy has some serious competition.
Hope you had a lovely day,


  1. I've hated H&M for as long as I can remember, but that's just me.



    1. Each to their own. I think it's just particularly exciting to have a store like H&M come to Australia, because we really have nothing else like it here.
      Thanks for stopping by ♥